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A fintech Norwegian company that specializes in delivering the most current and comprehensive information regarding personal debts.

10x user growth? Check!

Document flow grew 10x in the system

100+ new features in 6 months

Clear and adjustable codebase

Increased Service level agreement

Earnings have already exceeded the initial projections

From thousands of emails to multiple API integrations.

Being in debt can be extremely stressful. Inkassoregisteret, a fintech led by Norwegian TV stars from Luksusfellen and debt management gurus, Lene Drange and Hallgeir Kvadsheim, saw a critical issue: it took a lot of work to deal with personal debts. Even with the help of NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), it was a really complicated mission: they were battling with hundreds of debt-collecting companies to manage individual debts – a time-consuming, error-prone process.

So Inkassoregistered decided to Revolutionize one's way out of debt with our help by providing a tool for NAV's employees to assist people struggling to cover their expenses.

The business challenge

Imagine you have a revolutionary idea of an automated debt register that could positively impact thousands and speed up government work, but the tech barrier stumps you.

How to handle the maze of communicating with countless hundreds of debt collectors via API calls, and traditional emails? Our team had some tricks up their sleeves.

You need to create a debt registry that makes tracking and negotiating debts from more than 70 non-banking institutions. For that, you have to take care of a huge amount of integrations, law compliance and data security. And there is more: contact all debt collectors on the users’ behalf – some using API calls, while others require sending an e-mail. And reminding. And reminding again. And processing scanned PDFs with handwritten notes. Sometimes sending so many emails is needed that even avoiding spam filters is a challenge.

But KOIA loves challenges

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It needed both business & technology approaches to crack this complex challenge. Rolling up sleeves when a big picture thinking is required – it's KOIA’s thing.

We focused on:

  • Creating an MVP and gathering enough data and feedback to prove it valuable for customers.
  • Crafting a robust and adaptable codebase - our own tech LEGO set, ready for anything.
  • Constructing a secure platform to safeguard individual privacy and sensitive data.
  • Rethinking the user interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Incorporating new, valuable features, paving the way for business growth.
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Tech used in the project

Back-end languages and frameworks

Java & Node.JS



Cloud technologies

AWS cloud




Front-end languages and frameworks





Project organization





In order to validate our initial assumptions we created an MVP (minimum viable product) - a semi-manual process built around managing email messages from debt collectors.

Next, we convinced debt collectors that there is a potential for massive savings in their time and resources by setting up API integrations on their side.

A new, standardised API was introduced so debt collectors could use it to provide debt information - this reduced manual work dramatically. We supported Inkassoregisteret in managing product development by introducing Agile methodology and setting codebase and documentation management processes. When we made sure it works right and has its value, we transformed into an automated enterprise solution.

Our game plan was built on the holistic approach: supercharge the codebase, segment the app for easier management, give the interface a facelift, and expand the application into the mobile world for accessibility.

Key achievements

  • Transforming MVP into production-ready software. We cut the monolithic backend app into hybrid microservices to better reflect business domains and enable easier changes in the future.
  • Rewritten front-end application. We have not only rewritten the client app, but we have split it into several smaller, dedicated-to-end user applications. We also have built an admin panel that properly manages the whole suite.
  • We have introduced an automated PDF reading mechanism
  • We have created an API for debt-collectors so they do not need to receive emails and work manually with the cases. *in MVP version, we did send over 100 emails per new user
  • Roles and permissions in the system
  • We have introduced security & monitoring to the system integrations with multiple national systems in Norway to fetch data about clients secure connections and communications, using national BankID authentication
  • P.S.: It's not every day that fintech companies get to impact lives so tangibly. Honoured to play our part by bringing technological expertise and an innovative mindset to the table with Inkassoregisteret.

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