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Claims Carbon

The Claims Carbon Institute is a pioneering organization with a mission to decarbonize the insurance industry. Through their SaaS, they calculate and offset emissions, making insurance decisions more sustainable.

Reduced bug rate dramatically

Developed a scalable data model

Engineered to process up to 500,000 data rows

Intuitive UI and automated reports

High standards of code quality and data privacy

Helping the planet by reducing the carbon footprint in the insurance industry

As an illustration, repairs of insured cars and properties add up to 1% of all global carbon emissions. When The Claims Carbon Institute approached KOIA with the audacious goal of reducing the insurance industry's carbon footprint, we knew we had to be part of this change. Our joint venture was far from easy but incredibly rewarding. We turned complex data into actionable insights and are now essentially the Software Department for this eco-conscious enterprise.

The business challenge

While other companies focus on helping insurers measure their own emissions (offices. transportation, etc.) Claims Carbon aims to tackle a far bigger and more complex issue - emissions caused by insurance decisions as well as expected and realized carbon footprint of various risk types.

But how to calculate that? To tackle this hurdle CC turned to KOIA for help. Sometimes emission data is known for the whole car, sometimes for the sub- or sub-sub-elements. What if the car manufacturer changed their supplier or an emissions estimate for any given part? So together we needed to design a flexible multi-tiered data model that can adapt to emission data at different granularity levels, from whole cars to individual parts.

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We took ownership of the technical part of the solution, delivering an application that securely handles a great amount of data and prepares calculations and reports based on the algorithms provided by the clients. The next steps based on the core CC goals were:

Scalable infrastructure.

Able to process hundreds of thousands of rows of data provided by our clients and to scale automatically when needed.

Intuitive interface.

Helping users fill out all forms in the system, thus providing a great amount of information, is very simple.

Data presentation.

Automated generation of reports with clean and consistent graphs and tables, giving users the information they need.

Stable cloud environment.

Optimised to save time and money and for quick and easy maintenance.

High standard codebase.

Since every comma matters, we needed to keep the code to the highest standard possible. We know that even a small issue with roundings multiplied by millions amounts to a huge mistake.

Security and data privacy.

Data is key, and information provided by insurance companies requires a high level of security and data privacy.

We're also collaborating to set industry-wide standards for emission calculations and reporting, and have integrated anonymized accident data from insurers.

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Tech used in the project

Back-end languages and frameworks


Big data


Cloud technologies

AWS Cloud





Front-end languages and frameworks




Project organization

Agile methodologies




We started with in-depth consultations to understand the algorithms and data models that Claims Carbon was using. Then, we integrated this into a cloud-based application designed to scale automatically, ensuring both front-end and back-end could handle large datasets. Our intuitive interface guides users in entering data, while the back-end crunches numbers to generate insightful reports. Today we are the main tech delivery company as well as investors in ClaimsCarbon. KOIA is willing to take care of our planet in as many ways as possible. The decarbonising insurance industry is a great place to start.

Key achievements

  • Created a new application from scratch to fulfil the unique needs of Claims Carbon.
  • Developed a cloud solution that can scale to handle immense datasets, crucial for the future of the platform.
  • Crafted analytical tools to work with BigData for both front-end and back-end, making the data useful and actionable.
  • Established strong partnerships with key Nordic insurance companies, helping to spread the carbon offset initiative.
  • Maintained high standards of code quality and data privacy, essential when even a small mistake can ripple through an entire industry.
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